Flex Business Checking

Our Flexible Business Checking Account is designed to meet or exceed the needs of all types of Businesses. Small businesses with limited checking needs, companies with moderate activity, corporations and other business entities with higher checking activities or cash flow management needs value the flexibility of our Flex Business Checking Account.

Business Now Account

The Business Now Checking accommodates the unique needs of the Sole Proprietor, Non-Profit Organizations, Religious Organizations, Charitable or Educational Associations and Tax Exempt Entities

Business Money Market Account

Our Business Money Market Checking offers your business the liquidity and interest bearing features you are looking for.   Like other money markets, your transactions are limited to six pre-authorized transfers or payments per statement cycle - three of which can be by check or third party - yet you can earn much more on your account balance than with most checking accounts.

Business Savings Account

The perfect Business Savings Account to save for future business purchases, property or IRS quarterly payments, annual insurance premiums, or any anticipated or unanticipated expense that your business may need.

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Free Checking Account

Choice Checking Account

A budget account for individuals who write 10 checks or less per month.

Personal NOW Checking Account

Personal Checking Account

Ideal for the individual able to maintain a minimum balance of $800.

Masters Checking Account

For individuals age 55 or older.

Personal Money Market Account

Health Savings Account

By establishing a Health Savings Account (HSA)-in conjunction with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP)-you are taking healthcare savings into your own hands to help make the decisions that are right for you when it comes to medical expenses.

Personal Savings Account

Minor Savings Account

Great for those under the age of 18, who want to start a good habit of saving.

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